Win Exp

Win Experience

Dear Mr Javed,

How are you? I am Win from June MCITP Course. The course was fantastic and now I am more confident. I have learnt a lot of knowledge from your class. Now I am practising from your materials.

Yours sincerely,


mic exp

Michael Experience

Before joining IT Bolts, I took an onlineMCSE course for which I paid £2500. I realised that it didn’t even cover basic things when I first time talked to my tutor from IT Bolts. Course itself was tutor based with a friendly and helpful teacher. I had a lot of fun studying, especially doing practical labs.

paul exp

Paul Experience

This MCSE training course has provided me with practical, hands on techniques along with demonstrations from an expert instructor, that has already helped me pass one of my exams! and has given me the necessary tools to practice and further develop my skills at home. It has helped give me the needed confidence to be able to succeed as an ITProfessional

Thanks for the training and for the test prep!


ADE Experience

Dear Javed

I am writing this email to let you know that IT Bolts has deposited knowledge into my life, before coming to IT Bolts for the MCSE course, I had no idea of things that I would be doing in the IT field. you lectured me and gave me the opportunity to challenge for a post in the real world as an IT specialist.

A Real Life Senario

ITbolts vs Others

IT Bolts is dif­fer­ent from other train­ing providers as we show most of the job based sce­nar­ios, not only the­o­ries.  Oth­ers are just run­ning their train­ing on the Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion or show you the sim­ple sce­nario in one LAN (Local Area Net­work). But IT Bolts not only teaches you the­ory on the white board but also shows you how it works in the real envi­ron­ment.

MCITP Certification Retired

Does Mcitp Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion Retired or Expire?

Microsoft very last sea­son choose to End or retire few tracks ofMCITP on 31st July 2013. The deci­sion these peo­ple did due to the fact they just launch Server 2012. After launch­ing Server 2012 they expire cou­ple of of the microsoft MCITP tracks include down below.