MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) in London

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MCITP Enterprise and server Admin expired on 31 July 2013. Please click below for latest MCSE 2012.

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Section A Extras Essential Skills:


  • Introduction to Cabling Technology
  • Strait cable
  • Cross Cable
  • Voice Cable
  • Cable Testing
  • Make Connection between Devices via Cables


  • Introduction to VMware
  • VM ware different categories
  • VM ware Machine Installation
  • Edit VM Ware
  • VMWare Configuration
  • VM Ware Network Configuration

Norton Ghost Image System

  • What is Image?
  • What is Norton Image
  • Make a System Image
  • Make a partition to partition Image
  • Make a Disk to Disk Image

Lab Setup with Linux Core

  • Basic Linux Installation for Lab Purpose
  • Setup Online Remote access for Lab
  • Basic Commands

Section B MCITP Enterprise Admin

70-680 TS Windows 7 Administration

  • Introduction to Windows 7
  • Installation of Windows 7
  • Deployment and management issuesproven-success1
  • Storages types their operation
  • Networking management
  • Security Issues
  • Resources Sharing and their access
  • backup and recovery
  • Performance and tweaks
  • Exam preparation and goals

70-640 TS Windows Server 2008 Active Directory

  • Introduction to server 2008
  •  Installation of Server 2008 R2
  •  Introduction to Active directory and configuration
  •  DNS Installation and Configuration
  •  Creating and managing the AD Objects
  •  Utilise and access Network resources
  •  Configuring and managing GPO’s
  •  Administrative Control of AD
  •  Backup and Recovery
  •  WAN issues and dealing with different locations
  •  Upgrading AD infrastructure
  •  Working with different Domains and trust relation standards
  •  RODC (Read only Domain Controller)
  •  Active directory LDS(Light weight Directory Services)
  •  CA (Certificate Authority)
  •  Exam Preparation and Goals

70-642 TS Windows Server 2008 Infrastructure

  • Introduction to Server 2008 infrastructure
  •  IP Addressing with IPv4
  •  Introduction to IPv6
  •  Add or subtract more Host or Network with (Sub netting)
  •  VLSM (Variable length Subnet Mask)
  •  DHCP
  •  Configuring and Managing Routing Services
  • Configuring and Managing IPSec
  • Configuring and Managing NAP (Network Access Protection)
  • Configuring and Managing Routing and Remote Access
  • Configuring and Managing Firewall
  • DNS
  • File Services
  • Wireless Networking

70-643 TS Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure

  •  Introduction to Application Infrastructure
  •  Using of WDS (Windows Deployment Services) for images deployments
  •  Configure and manage Hyper-V
  •  Storage issues in applications
  •  Configure and manage High availability
  •  Configure and manage TS(Terminal Services) and RemoteAPP
  •  Configure and manage Gateway
  •  Configure and manage IIS
  •  Configure and manage remote client services
  •  Configure and manage FTP and SMTP
  •  Configure and manage Server Server security
  •  Configure and manage Sharepoint Services
  •  Exam Preparation and Goals

70-647 PRO Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator

  • Introduction to Enterprise network Administering and plaining
  •  Plaining and deployment of Hyper-V
  •  AD Forest Design and Functional Level
  •  AD Multiple domains design and Functions
  •  Plaining and deployment GPO’s
  •  Plaining and deployment DNS
  •  AD backup and Recovery
  •  Plaining and deployment CA’s
  •  Plaining and deployment WSUS
  •  RODC structure design
  •  Plaining and deployment Remote Access
  •  Plaining and deployment TS
  •  Exam Preparation and Goals


this figure is showing the exam of MCITP so there are 5 MCITP exams shows in this pyramid figure.

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