Facilities Provided

Free lab manuals (worth approximately £150)
Free exam materials (worth around £150)
Free exam discounts (worth £220)
Lowest Price in Europe

IT Bolts is offering Lowest price Tutor based training.

  • IT Bolts provides manual based classroom training
  • IT Bolts is the only provider with latest and high specification systems for students
  • IT Bolts is the only provider who gives remote lab access to students so they can access their labs from home for extra practice
  • Our course is 100% based on practice
  • IT Bolts is one of few tutor based training providers
  • Free tea,coffee and snacks. 


IT Bolts is all about quality, so as small group as 7 people per class is perfect environment for students to become close friends and help each other out during the course as well as after. Also the small environment helps students who may not understand some parts of the course. The tutor and fellow mates are there to help as mostly our students are caring people.

As mentioned, our classes are tutor based, so if you have a question you should not be shy to ask, rather it is obligatory. In this small environment the tutor is there to help each and every student, therefore everyone will get the best results.

During the class IT Bolts has made up small scenario based group assignments where students have to put their heads together to figure out the answers. We encourage our students to communicate as well as to find solutions together, so they would understand how computers work and not to cheat by using Internet.

We are offering free refreshments on breaks. Also McDonald’s and other restaurants are just next to our building or if you want to bring food with you, there is a fridge where to keep it and microwave where to warm it. Forks, spoons as well as plates are available for your use.

Remote lab access:

IT Bolts is offering remote server access 3 hours per day for free. If students do not have the servers at home, they are most welcome to access our servers remotely and practice. Now even available on iPhone.
i5 tech

RAM Memory

It is the perfect memory solution for performance servers, enthusiast power users and any one who loves the cutting-edge of technology with Silver-line DDR3.


With four execution cores, the Intel i5 Quad processor blows through processor-intensive tasks in demanding multitasking environments and makes the most of highly threaded applications. Students pioneer the new world of quad-core and unleash the power of multi threading in their labs.
Silverline RAM


IT Bolts provides all necessary evaluation version software, so the students do not have to spend hours to search for concern software at home or inside lab.